Mushrooms from coffee

The coffee ground is a perfect substrate for growing mushrooms, because it contains minerals and useful nutrients for their growth: what appears a gap can actually become a resource! This idea has Mushrooms Espresso, a start up agricultural inspired by the theories of the Blue Economy, in which the waste from a production cycle do not become waste, but generate new energy, new wealth and new jobs. We Mushroom Espresso we are inspired by nature. For this we grow and produce our mushrooms with methods that have an impact on the environment virtually zero.

There isn't waste but resources

We collect an Italian resource: the coffee grounds. In Italy there are 110 thousand bars that produce it every year 300 thousand tons! We help bars to highlight what otherwise would become a waste: select exercises close to our production site and whenever possible we favor transport environmentally friendly vehicles … like our legs!

We grow big with small footsteps

We use coffee ground as growing media, combining it with the “seed” of the mushroom. All in a completely natural way, without the use of chemical products. We grow our mushrooms vertically, suspended on supports, reducing land use: compared to traditional crops, we use half the space to grow the same amount of mushrooms. The bottom of coffee does not need to be pasteurized, with a considerable saving of energy. And after use returns to the soil as compost


Pleurotus Ostreatus

Pleurotus Ostreatus

Also called “oyster mushroom” for its elegant forms, it has asymmetric hat fan-shaped, with different shades of gray. And ‘thick and meaty and lends itself to the preparation of side dishes: grilled, baked or sautéed. Must try in our recipe for “mushroom cutlet”

Pleurotus Ostreatus

Pleurotus Djamor

The “love mushroom” is distinguished by its distinctive pink color. Very consistent, it has a unique flavor and aroma, which gives character to any dish. And ‘particularly suitable for the preparation of main courses, because with its texture similar to chicken meat becomes an excellent “vegan steak”! And ‘rich in protein and it integrates a vegetarian diet

Pleurotus Ostreatus

Pleurotus Cornucopiae

Yellow color and delicate texture when check seems a flower. And ‘the most suitable for the preparation of sauces and seasoning for pasta dishes. It goes well with fish and gives the best of himself in “heaven and earth” recipes!


Cultivating mushrooms with mushroom kit Espresso is so easy that a child can do it


Ripping the dotted part on the package and make an incision in the inner plastic bag X


Remove the bag of the pack and place it in a basin of water and keep it aside for about 12 h


Put the bag in the box in a shady place with a temperature between 15 and 25 ° C


Wet with a spray at least 3 times a day, or leaving a wet towel in the package


After about a week you’ll check your mushrooms, ready to harvest and cook!


Now you’re ready to give free rein to the imagination and create delicious dishes with the delicious oyster

Ask at your kids to help you for cultivation!


We sell our gas to restaurants and fungi within 70 km from the place of production, making the short chain and the direct delivery of a freshness and quality! Try our mushrooms: they are more structured and consistent than those grown in the traditional way!


The path that led to the creation of Mushrooms Espresso began in March 2013, when Rossano Ercolini, coordinator of the Research Center of Zero Waste municipality of Capannori and Goldman Prize winner Prize in 2013, opens the case study on coffee in agriculture fund reuse, presented in the showroom “The taste of a sustainable coffee”. From the case study, the Research Center of Zero Waste, with the collaboration of Antonio Di Giovanni (member of the operating team), realizes the pilot project of environmental education “From coffee to proteins”, which was attended by about 200 pupils of ‘ comprehensive school Ilio Micheloni to growing mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus) as substrate using just the coffee grounds. Following this experiment, the meeting between Antonio Di Giovanni (agronomist) and Vincent Sangiovanni (architect) gave birth to the adventure of mushrooms Espresso!

In April of 2014 Mushrooms Espresso receives its first award for “Best quality project” within the Incubator University Fiorentino (Enterprise Campus Unifi).

In June of the same year, Mushrooms Espresso has been awarded as innovative startups, in the Tour of good practices organized by the Zero Waste Zero Waste Research Center of Capannori and by the Zero Waste Italy.

October 28, 2014, Mushrooms Espresso has been awarded the best good practice in Tuscany, in the competition of ideas, “Call for ideas Tuscany” in relation to the theme Expo 2015. The award was presented on the occasion of the two hundred days of Expo 2015.

Mushroom Espresso has been selected by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MIPAAF), among the 25 most innovative agricultural startups in Italy.

Thanks to this important recognition, mushrooms Espresso took part in Expo 2015 with its own stand inside the Cascina Triulza market.

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To date Mushrooms Espresso has opened its first production site in the town of Capannori (LU).



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